Sunday, March 3, 2013

Cambodia June 2012: Part 3 

yes my friends, this is the third and last part of my Cambodia trip last year in June (time to move on to a new topic! hehe.). our last day was dedicated to making the most out of our hotel’s amenities, enjoy the nearby places, eat at a nice restaurant or cafe, and do some last-minute shopping. 

despite sleeping late the previous night, we made sure we didn’t party too much so we could wake up early just in time for the breakfast buffet.imageimageimagesome of us took a dip in the pool afterwards. talk about maximizing time!imageimageimagebefore having our lunch out, we already had to fix our things and pack to avoid any “Home Alone” (movie) stress in preparing for our flight back. we also had to say goodbye to our lovely villa, the hotel, and take as many photos as we want while still in the area.imageimagea comfortable outfit will always be a travel essential! leave the fussy outfits at home and make sure to pack clothes that are light and suitable to the country’s weather and your activities while there. (wearing a Uniqlo tank, Cotton On harems, Chucks, and H&M bag)imagewe went back to Pub Street to savor the last hours of our stay. we had lunch at The Red Piano, a restaurant where Angelina Jolie and her Tomb Raider crew frequented while filming the movie. the interiors gave off a cool vibe that i couldn’t help but take photos of. i didn’t want to order a hefty meal as i was still full from breakfast, so i just went with their chicken salad sandwich buns. i believe they were just right for my full stomach. haha! after lunch, my friends and i made our last minute purchases in the market and had coffee and snacks at Le Grand Cafe. we did our best in making the most of our last day and i was pretty much satisfied with how it went. i will miss Cambodia!how i wish our trip were longer because i’m sure we still haven’t seen a lot during our stay. Cambodia was quite the experience and i’d always want to say that when visiting other countries or cities. my friends and i are looking forward to our next trip and we’re hoping in a country we all haven’t been to so that we could discover and marvel as a group! haha. traveling will always be a dream and i’m so happy to be going places i thought i’d never be in. anyway, why not book your ticket to Cambodia now and have your own experience of it, ‘eh? 


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Cambodia June 2012: Part 2

it’s time to work on my post backlog! do you still remember the first post on my June Cambodia trip months ago? if there’s a part 1, there should be a part 2 and/or 3 right? haha. here it is!   

my friends and i dedicated our third day to of course, the temples! first stop, the breathtaking Angkor Wat!imageimagei honestly felt like i was in a dream because it felt so surreal to be in such a historical place. walking along the hallways and doors of Angkor Wat felt like stepping in a time machine. my friends and i even had a breakfast (we went there extra early) picnic along the steps of one of the many corners of the temple!imageimageimageaside from marveling at the entire place, we also got crazy with posing for our cameras! i actually enjoyed that! hehe. that’s one tip i can suggest to travel bugs- do a TON of crazy poses while having your photos taken in tourist spots!imageimageimagei couldn’t help but remember Ancient Aliens as i observed and admired the structures and details of the Angkor Wat. any fans of the show, reading? hehe.sadly, my camera’s battery died as soon as we got to Ta Prohm temple, so i used my phone instead. Ta Prohm is where parts of the movie, Tomb Raider, was shot! what’s spectacular about the temple is that tree vines and roots have already become part of its structure. i did feel that “tomb raider” in me as we visited one temple from another. we still visited the nearby temples even if some of my friends were already tired and gave up on all the walking. i was also feeling exhausted but i didn’t want to give up as it’s not everyday that you get to discover places such as these. it was the travel bug’s fighting spirit in me that kept me going! was indeed our “temple day” as we ended up having dinner and drinks at Temple in Pub Street! how apt, right? we also checked out Angkor What? bar just across us since it was packed and seemed fun to party in. it was such a fun night that people were already dancing in the streets; it was literally a street party! my friends and i couldn’t help but join in!  ending this post with a pic that best describes how i felt that night! hahaha!stay tuned for the last part of this trip! :)    

Friday, January 4, 2013

Hello 2013!

before adding to my pile of delayed posts (guilty much?), i’d like to greet you all a Happy and Blessed New year! until now, i’m still not over the fact that 2012 has already ended! i always wish time could slow down a bit and one reason is because i don’t want to turn a year older! hehe. anyway, i wish you all had a wonderful time during the holidays with the people closest to your hearts.

i want to go all the way dramatic with my New Year’s post but it would take more time to compose a well-written blog entry (choice of photos included) with a review of the previous year and what-not. so i’m reserving that for another post! in the meantime, let me share with you some photos (including Instagram photos) from my recent Holiday celebrations with family and friends.

my barkada had our annual Christmas party and we decided on a “Crazy, Colorful Christmas” theme. Nicki Minaj was obviously our major inspiration! my outfit was of course Nicki Minaj-inspired but i added a twist to it; i looked to Minnie Mouse for finishing touches! haha.Christmas Eve (until the early hours of Christmas day) is usually spent with family at home. we hear mass, Mom prepares Noche Buena, the family dines together, then we exchange gifts. this Christmas routine has become part of our tradition (with added quick visits to relatives) and every year, i feel blessed to be doing so. i will forever be grateful to spend Christmas with mom, dad and my siblings. as they say, nothing beats family!sorry to be cheesy but i just had to add this photo i took of my mom and dad last Christmas (pardon the blurry image as i am using my mom’s extra camera for the meantime because my camera is still under repair). despite the poor quality of the image, their smiles still radiate (i love you mom and dad!)!as for my Christmas outfit, i already had this colorful jumpsuit in mind but i wanted to tame it down by wearing a blazer and nude heels. i wanted a festive look, which wasn’t over-the-top (again, sorry for the last crappy photo!). vote for this look in my Chictopia account:! Mango blazer, H&M jumpsuit, Pedro heels, and Kenneth Cole watch 

we greeted the New Year at my grandparents’ like we usually do. some of our relatives weren’t present, which was kind of sad, but i still enjoyed my time with them. for me, the most important part of the celebration was the thanksgiving and prayers because we owe everything to God.another memorable holiday season has passed and i am so thankful i was present in almost all the parties and gatherings i was invited and required to go to! the season may have hurt my wallet (haha!) and i fought almost getting sick, but i’m happy i spent time with my family, friends, and all the people who matter most to me.

the celebrations may be over and i haven’t quite gotten over it, but i know i’ll find strength in the coming days and months to get on with 2013. i’m honestly nervous with what 2013 has in store for me but i lift it up to no one else but Him. here’s to a healthy, successful, and blessed 2013 to us all! :)

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cambodia June 2012: Part 1

my blog deserves a splendid post after neglecting it (again) for some time. last June, my college barkada and i went to Cambodia for a much-awaited out-of-town barkada trip. we wanted to go somewhere none of us had gone to and it led us to exploring Cambodia. one of them chanced upon online coupons to one of Cambodia’s hotels and it was such a steal that we felt we made the right choice. i will try my best to feed essential information on our trip, especially for those who are planning to visit Cambodia soon.

our flight to Cambodia was in the evening and it took us about 2 hours and 30 minutes to reach Siem Reap. their airport was kind of small but interesting. it was constructed in the form of temples, a significant tourist attraction in Cambodia (it is said that there are still undiscovered temples in Cambodia). we immediately saw our hotel guide as we got out of immigrations. that’s my kabarkada's name, “Diane”! we were booked in Paradise Angkor Villa Hotel but they informed us that they’ll be transferring us to Angkor Paradise Hotel for the night, as they were having problems with their water. we didn’t really mind since it was already late and there was not much to do but eat and sleep. plus, i liked our replacement (for the night) hotel!  after settling down and resting for a while, my friends and i decided to check out any resto or cafe that was still open. little did we know that there was an eating joint just a few walks from our hotel! almost all the small eateries seemed to serve Khmer Soup so we thought of trying it anyway. we ate at Snadai Khmer Soup and ordered away. my friends and i were kind of worried of what the soup might taste like or what ‘creatures’ we’ll find in it. fortunately, it was just soup with veggies and beef with an interesting taste! it’s quite similar to Vietnamese Pho. among all of us, i was the one who ate the most. it was too good to resist! come morning, we headed for the breakfast buffet (my favorite when it comes to staying in hotels) and prepared for our transfer to our ‘official’ hotel. i really loved our balcony view so we took advantage of it by taking photos! this was my outfit for that day. i made sure it matched the heat! hehe. nothing fancy because i knew we’d do a lot of walking. (Cotton On top, Just G shorts, Cotton On sunnies and Converese sneakers) we finally arrived at Paradise Angkor Villa Hotel to check-in. since our booked rooms still had water problems, we were upgraded to a villa! woohoo! here’s a photo of my friend, Donna, while she was taking my photo! hehe. guess which is mine? haha. the happy group about to go to our villa! and for the heck of it, a solo pic on our ride! haha. presenting…our villa! my room which i shared with Joy, again. after admiring our villa and unpacking (again), we rode the Tuk-Tuk to Pub Street for lunch. my friend told us that based on her research, Khmer Kitchen Restaurant was a must-try as it served authentic Khmer food. since we adapted a “buddy system”, we ordered in two’s. Joy and i ordered Chicken Amok and spring rolls. Amok is a curry-like dish with vegetables and can be served with chicken, beef, pork and fish. i find it delishhhh! after lunch, we hopped on our designated Tuk-Tuks and headed to the Floating Village. apparently, you had to pay for entrance and since we were all on a tight budget, we just took photos by the river. that’s me with the obviously intense heat! haha. we went back to Pub Street to just spend the remaining hours of the day there. we had coffee and snacks at The Blue Pumpkin and simply chilled. when we felt that we had enough rest, we did some shopping at the nearby Old Market and Night Market. we also bought our dinner and delighted ourselves in all the shops and restaurants we passed by.Chie, Mish, and i’s loot (check out the print of the amazing harem pants i got to purchase!).that’s it for part 1 of our Cambodia trip! swing by again for the next parts! hope you enjoyed browsing thru my photos. ;)           

Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Slice of 26

as i have mentioned in my previous (birthday) post, i greeted my birthday after coming from an event. we came from People Asia's “Men Who Matter” event and went straight to The Fort afterwards, to wait until the clock stroke 12. congratulations again to People Asia, by the way! despite not being so jolly for my birthday, i thought of spending the last hours of being 25 and saying hello to my new age. since i love coffee too much, we went to Slice at The Fort for late coffee and dessert. it was my second time there and again, it was quite packed. i can’t blame the people; they do sell quality desserts and coffee at just the right price. our orders were: Pinoy Chocnut Coffee, Blended Lava, Very Berry Muffin, and Caramel Yema Chiffon Cake. i usually dig desserts that have a citrus-y or fruity kick partnered with specialty coffee, when i feel full or just had a hearty meal. i feel i won’t get tired of the sweetness or richness of the dessert that way. in this case, i didn’t want to indulge too much but i wanted to enjoy their blended coffee with a cupcake (for balance). thus, i tried their Very Berry Muffin with the Blended Lava coffee. i made the right choice as i felt satisfied with the sweetness level of both- not too rich. i think the muffin would go well with hot coffee, too. the Berry Muffin served as my “birthday cake” for that night as i welcomed being 26. maybe it represents my sweetness level too? haha! visit Slice’s facebook page at for more details!

my outfit for that night was totally unplanned! why? well, because i only received those wide-leg pants (yes, those are pants!) earlier that day as a birthday gift! how timely, right? i was supposed to wear the blue top as a dress but decided otherwise when i realized it matched the pants. good thing the outfit did not end with just the event, but in greeting my birthday! thank God the outfit looked special enough as “birthday gear”. haha!Randy ortiz x Kashieca top/dress, Apartment 8 gifted pants, Tango belt, Mango purse, bracelets from Singapore and Pedro heels

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p.s. apologies for the slightly blurry photos! all of them were taken using my phone as i forgot to bring my camera that night. boo!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Birthday Chicken

i will start this post with yet another apology for not being able to update more often. i’ll try harder for the coming days/weeks, ayt (so help me God..)?

anyway, i have a LOT to post but i’m choosing to write about my birthday last June. better late than never, i guess! so yeah, unfortunately (haha!), i turned 26 last June 28. compared to my previous birthday celebrations, this was planned on a whim. to be honest, i wasn’t that excited about my birthday. i’ve been very contemplative and reflective about myself and my life lately, so i guess it affected how i dealt with greeting another year. i still tried to be positive about how my day went, though. despite whatever it is that i’m going through, i’m still thankful and grateful to Him for everything. :)

i was happy to greet my birthday after coming from an event over late coffee and dessert at Slice (will make another post on that!). later that day, i had my birthday lunch at Chicken Charlie in Eastwood after hearing mass. it was actually my first time there, and i was pretty excited to taste their chicken because i heard it’s really good. i ordered their chicken wings in HOT sweet sauce (mine!) and drumsticks in soy garlic sauce. we paired them with their potato wedges. the verdict? i believe in all the raves about it! unlike Bon Chon, their flavor seeps through the chicken meat. in other words, the flavor doesn’t stop at the chicken skin! also, even if it was coated, the crunchiness was consistent. it made me want to order another batch! haha. i liked pairing it with the wedges but i’m sure to try it next time with rice. i sure ate the hell out of my chicken wings! you may visit Chicken Charlie's website at for more details on their menu and branches.

most girls would go feminine and all dolled up in dresses and heels for their birthdays, but i chose to dress up in an outfit that best represents my style aesthetic but still birthday-worthy. i wanted to wear my white DM’s (a birthday gift i got last year) so i planned the rest of my outfit with that in mind. to dress up the white-tank-and-jeans combo, i paired it with my sheer leopard print cover up for some spunk. to further toughen the look, i accessorized with my skull embossed bag and stacked studded bracelets. overall, it was chill, casual, street, and pretty much “androgyLOOSE” (a term i coined for my style).Cotton On cover up, Uniqlo tank top, Uniqlo jeans, bag from Singapore, stud bracelets from Singapore, and Dr. Martens boots    

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Monday, June 11, 2012

Holy Week In Singapore (Last Part)

my apologies for the much much delayed post! been so busy lately with work and also with family gatherings, as my two aunts from the US arrived. anyway, fret not as this caps off my Singapore trip posts! yay right? haha! my family and i (minus my sister) had our Easter lunch at Black Canyon Coffee. the Church we went to gave away bottled water after Easter mass. Christ is Risen! in one of our days there, i met up with the lovely and stylish blogger of, Becks Kho. you’ll know why soon in my post on that. after meeting her, i had the time to bond with myself! haha! i walked around and just appreciated the surroundings, had good food, and window shopped (okay, i shopped for just one top! haha.). there’s nothing wrong with spending some time alone, so take time and have a date yourself! during our last day there, dad brought us to a small noodle house for lunch. i didn’t expect the place to be packed! i assumed they served really good food. once we got to order and eat, i realized that my assumption was correct (that’s my bro, chris, with me in the pic! haha.). having the Iced Kopi Cino at Queensway as my last cup of iced coffee for the trip after my mom and i did our last minute shopping, we quickly headed home to pack further and prepare for our evening flight. we had dinner at the airport and bid dad goodbye. yes, my last pic is my “sad photo” as i’ll miss my dad and all the bonding… until we meet again, Singapore! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Holy Week In Singapore (Part 3)

apologies for the late post!

during one of our days there, i accompanied my mom to the grocery and the hardware store around the area near dad’s flat. i realized how my dad’s area was such a convenient place to stay in- you can get almost anything you need without going to the mall! look, i found Black Canyon Coffee in Singapore! woohoo! it’s located in Fusionopolis, a couple of stations away from dad’s (yellow line). Black Canyon Coffee originated from Bangkok and that’s where i first learned about it. i’m really a FAN of their food AND their coffee as you have read in my previous posts (not only in my most recent Bangkok trip but also in my past ones). for Black Saturday, my family and i joined fellow Filipinos for Visita Iglesia (where you visit Churches and pray together by following the Stations of the Cross). gatherings remind me how GREAT God is. :) after spending the whole morning doing Visita Iglesia, my family and i had lunch at a Hawker Center near the last Church we went to. i took this photo while on the bus and on our way home. spot the Singapore Flyer! have you had enough of my food photos? haha! this is what we had for lunch one time at Ikea: i didn’t have an outfit shot that day so here’s an outfit shot of my mom instead! i tried the Iced Cappuccino in Anchor Point's food court instead of having the usual iced coffee or iced kopi (for Singaporeans). a must-try! i’ll come back for it when i visit again. :p i hope i’m not boring you (that much) with my Singapore trip posts! don’t worry, my next post MIGHT be the last one! haha. :p     

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Holy Week In Singapore (Part 2)

let me continue my adventures in Singapore with this post!

this is where i dragged my mom in one of our days there, the Singapore National Library. i’ve read there in one of my trips before and i knew they had a number of fashion books, that’s why i wanted to go back. the library is a book lover’s haven! they have a vast collection of books in any category. if only i were back in college and doing my research or readings there! apart from providing books to read and borrow, they also serve as home to small plays, exhibits, and the like. not only will the book lover appreciate this place, but also the art enthusiast. oh, and they also have a cafe there if you want to read while sipping your coffee. i wish i stayed there longer but due to my mom’s hurrying, i was able to read only one book (Stylist: The Interpreters of Fashion). sigh. this is Koi Cafe, a milk tea place my dad and i discovered last year. when we first saw it, we got curious with the long lines (they still have them), which brought us to get in line too! i love their coffee selection (by now i’m sure you can say how much i love coffee. hehe.) so i had their Iced Caramel Machiatto. the food tripping continues… so addicted to these Sweet Plum Potato Fries from Shihlin Snacks! they have this sour cream-mixed-with-curry-like taste that will leave you wanting more. trust me! you must try them when you see their stalls in various food courts in Singapore. i also recommend their Crispy Chicken. my family and i were fortunate enough to have our trip scheduled at the time Wicked was still showing. so we bought tickets at Marina Bay Sands and was scheduled to watch the following day. i was really looking forward to watching Wicked because i feel that opportunities like this come once in a lifetime. i remember when i was little, my parents would bring my sister and i to musicals and plays, and looking back i feel privileged because it has cultivated me as a person. it helps you be more appreciative of things like art, literature, and so on. it opens your eyes to the world and the surprises it brings. watching the musical was so worth it! it even made me feel emotional. hehe. kudos to the Wicked production!!!Cotton On cardigan, from Bangkok jumpsuit, Rubi sandals, and H&M purse     

the show ended late (as expected) so we just had dinner at none other than, McDonald’s! 24-hour fast-food chains are the place to be when you haven’t eaten your breakfast/lunch/dinner, are in need of a quick snack, or if you’re just craving for the occassional oily food. haha! more of my recent Singapore trip in the coming posts! :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Holy Week in Singapore (Part 1)

last month, my family and i went to Singapore to visit my Dad and spent the Holy Week with him. sadly, my sister couldn’t make it but nonetheless, we still enjoyed each other’s company. when my Mom books flights, she makes sure to maximize the days, so she booked us for almost two weeks! i got kind of worried for work but i guess God has plans and wanted me to be with my family, especially with my Dad. so there, almost two weeks with my family enjoying time with each other, reflecting for the Holy Week, having food trips, and taking a break; among all else. we immediately ate after the three-hour flight! am i focusing too much on my food? haha! we ate at SOUPerlicios! at the airport. for my order, refer to the photo above. ;) this is what i ate for lunch in our second day. we ate at a Hawker Center in Holland Village. it’s Char Kway Teow, a noodle dish with egg, bean sprouts, and oyster. it’s quite similar to Thailand’s Phad Thai. here are my brothers and my dad checking dad’s phone for the Church directions. remembered my childhood days when i passed by the Charlie Brown Cafe. i call myself a “coffee addict” and i was very determined to have my iced coffee fix in each day of our whole stay. i’ve passed by the Blue Mountain Cafe in 313 @ Somerset even in my past trips to Singapore but have never tried eating or drinking coffee there. so after checking out Uniqlo, i suggested to my Mom that we eat and have coffee in Blue Mountain Cafe, while waiting for my Dad (who left for a meeting). i ordered iced Tiramisu coffee with vanilla ice cream (forgot the actual name, sorry) plus my Mom, bros, and i shared a Margherita pizza. i totally loved the combination! or am i just biased because i love coffee and pizza too much? haha! i really liked the mix of espresso coffee with ice cream and Tiramisu flavor as there was a balance between bitter and sweet. it didn’t turn out to be a dessert, which i liked, but just a cooling iced coffee drink. i really hate it when i order coffee that turns out to be either too sweet or lacks the right coffee taste. this didn’t disappoint! on the other hand, the pizza tasted just as i wanted it to taste like- simple yet filling. i also liked how the crust had the right crunch to it. lately, i prefer pizza without too many toppings and layered flavors. just “fuss-free” pizza. my parents brought us to The Original Katong Spoon Laksa for dinner one night in Queensway Center. they said people always come back for their Laksa and Chicken Curry. at first i thought it would be just like any other Chicken Curry but alas, they were right! it was delicious! best eaten with rice or Prata. i didn’t have much outfit shots during the trip because my brothers are impatient with taking photos, my dad wasn’t with us all the time because of work, and my mom seemed to always be in a hurry (haha!). so below are some photos which can, i guess, pass for an outfit post. this was what i wore in our third day in Singapore. i wanted a chill and hassle-free outfit to beat the heat, but playful with the choice of colors. good thing i brought my colorful paisley harems and paired it with a plain white tank top. i also added my neon necklace for a bit of quirk.Uniqlo tank top, from Bangkok harems, Rubi sandals, H&M purse, F21 necklace, and Sinequanone sunnies    

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