Monday, June 11, 2012

Holy Week In Singapore (Last Part)

my apologies for the much much delayed post! been so busy lately with work and also with family gatherings, as my two aunts from the US arrived. anyway, fret not as this caps off my Singapore trip posts! yay right? haha! my family and i (minus my sister) had our Easter lunch at Black Canyon Coffee. the Church we went to gave away bottled water after Easter mass. Christ is Risen! in one of our days there, i met up with the lovely and stylish blogger of, Becks Kho. you’ll know why soon in my post on that. after meeting her, i had the time to bond with myself! haha! i walked around and just appreciated the surroundings, had good food, and window shopped (okay, i shopped for just one top! haha.). there’s nothing wrong with spending some time alone, so take time and have a date yourself! during our last day there, dad brought us to a small noodle house for lunch. i didn’t expect the place to be packed! i assumed they served really good food. once we got to order and eat, i realized that my assumption was correct (that’s my bro, chris, with me in the pic! haha.). having the Iced Kopi Cino at Queensway as my last cup of iced coffee for the trip after my mom and i did our last minute shopping, we quickly headed home to pack further and prepare for our evening flight. we had dinner at the airport and bid dad goodbye. yes, my last pic is my “sad photo” as i’ll miss my dad and all the bonding… until we meet again, Singapore! 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Holy Week In Singapore (Part 3)

apologies for the late post!

during one of our days there, i accompanied my mom to the grocery and the hardware store around the area near dad’s flat. i realized how my dad’s area was such a convenient place to stay in- you can get almost anything you need without going to the mall! look, i found Black Canyon Coffee in Singapore! woohoo! it’s located in Fusionopolis, a couple of stations away from dad’s (yellow line). Black Canyon Coffee originated from Bangkok and that’s where i first learned about it. i’m really a FAN of their food AND their coffee as you have read in my previous posts (not only in my most recent Bangkok trip but also in my past ones). for Black Saturday, my family and i joined fellow Filipinos for Visita Iglesia (where you visit Churches and pray together by following the Stations of the Cross). gatherings remind me how GREAT God is. :) after spending the whole morning doing Visita Iglesia, my family and i had lunch at a Hawker Center near the last Church we went to. i took this photo while on the bus and on our way home. spot the Singapore Flyer! have you had enough of my food photos? haha! this is what we had for lunch one time at Ikea: i didn’t have an outfit shot that day so here’s an outfit shot of my mom instead! i tried the Iced Cappuccino in Anchor Point's food court instead of having the usual iced coffee or iced kopi (for Singaporeans). a must-try! i’ll come back for it when i visit again. :p i hope i’m not boring you (that much) with my Singapore trip posts! don’t worry, my next post MIGHT be the last one! haha. :p     

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Bangkok March 2012 Last Day

finally, i’m capping of my Bangkok trip post! i didn’t want to delay this so i could give way to other posts. hehe!

again, i started the day by not missing on waffles for breakfast! haha. how can you not miss having Tom Yum in Bangkok? having them in either the street stalls or the mall food courts won’t matter as it will still leave a sharp and memorable taste. the spicier the better! obviously, i wouldn’t let my last day pass without having iced coffee from Black Canyon! i knew i’d miss it so much so what better way than to have it everyday for the whole trip, right? to those who are in Bangkok or who have plans going there, NEVER EVER forget to eat or have coffee at Black Canyon Coffee! you can find it in most of the malls there. enjoy! as for my outfit that day, i wore my floral jumpsuit because it’s comfy and the fabric’s thin enough to beat the heat. i also purchased this hat that day and felt it matched the jumpsuit. still wearing my ever-so-reliable Toms plus, a cardigan i wrapped around my waist to wear because it could get cold on the plane.Zara jumpsuit, Cotton On cardigan, H&M bag, TOMS shoes, Bangkok hat, and H&M necklace  

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until we meet again, Bangkok! i will miss you…

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Bangkok March 2012 Day 1

currently back from my most recent trip with the family and it was just about two weeks ago! can time get any faster than that? oh well. adjusting to the normal life, again. hehe. anyway, this post is very much delayed so i better proceed with it!

for almost four days, we enjoyed being in one of the places very dear to my heart, Bangkok! oh, how i missed it! my last visit was in 2009 and that felt like eons ago! so very blessed to have gone back and again, i’m looking forward to my next visit (whenever that would be). you shouldn’t leave Bangkok without having coffee or eating here! i didn’t let the day pass without buying one of my FAVE magazines, Cheeze! i immediately headed to the bookstore when we got to Central World. that’s how eager i was to get a copy! i always buy it whenever i go to Bangkok or have it bought when someone i know goes there. Cheeze is a Thai street magazine where i get a lot of fashion and styling inspiration. i love it to bits! i got to taste liquid nitrogen ice cream! i also got to see how it was made. so cool and so delicious too! i chose the green tea mint flavor. it was refreshing! as for my first day outfit, i decided to keep it casual and comfy because i didn’t want to suffer from the heat! haha.Topshop tank and inner bralet, Cotton On harems, H&M purse, and Toms shoes

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