Monday, January 23, 2012

(Usual) Work Outfit

as a stylist, pullouts and running around from one shoot to another make a chunk of our days when there are no important meetings or parties/events. that being said, a comfy (yet fashionable) outfit is ideal because you tend to move around a lot. flats are also essential. save the heels for meetings or events. this is my usual work outfit when i’m out to do pullouts or be in a shoot/show. this is basically my style too, as i love wearing loose and relaxed clothing. time is gold so i always wear a watch at work. it’s best to keep track of time to maximize the hours. since my outfit was already monotonous, i wore my pink leather bracelet as a contrast. plus, i love black and pink together! got this cross ring at a bazaar. such a cheap find! these drop crotch jeans are a great find from Oxygen! i so love that brand. there are too many fab finds there- from tops to bottoms! also, i got these sandals from Schu last year. i’ve always had my eye on them and i got so lucky when they were already on sale! very Chloe right? hehe.bazaar top, Oxygen pants, Schu sandals, Yhansy necklace, from a bazaar ring, The Bead Shop bracelet, from Singapore studded bracelet, and mom’s vintage watch 

how about you? what’s your usual work outfit?

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